Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Figuring Out Fall!

Oddly this has been one of the driest falls on record.... and sadly Landon has spent much of it indoors or on the go. Then almost over night the clouds rolled in, tempter dropped, and leaves fell. Bring on the apple cider and pumpkin bread! Motivated by the crisp air and a small sun break we decided to get out and explore what fall had turned our little world, (aka the back yard), into!

So on went Landon's new galoshes and we headed to the garden to see what treats the frost had left for us. Low and behold Landon found a couple of small strawberries! We also found broccoli but he generously left those for our neighborhood bunny to snack on. 

A photo opt at our fire pit that only got used once. :(

Landon loved romping through the cherry tree leaves that had fallen. Daddy promises to make a pile for him to jump in!

Our concord grapes are in season and so yummy!
   Landon couldn't stop eating them.
What a great day to be outside exploring!
Lesson learned:

Fall season has always been my favorite so it is so neat to experience it with Landon. Seeing him light up at the things that are special to me will help him create memories that will warm his heart on the many crisp fall days to come.

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